The silence of Sugimoto's black and white landscapes.  ELISABETH MAGRE E. MAGRE

Where concept meets the sublime

Minimalism, the conceptual, experimentation and the search for the sublime are the keys to the work of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, whose work in on show at the Fundació Mapfre

Image from a a new video game inspired by Cervantes' Quixote, created by a team from the University of Girona

'Every man is the son of his own works'

This quote from one of the greatest novels in European literature defines a writer who has become a global icon and the father of an entire language and culture, Miguel de Cervantes

Shakespeare's most famous sonnet

A sonnet of celebration in perspective

What is perhaps Shakespeare's best-known poem in his sequence of 154 sonnets is not as straightforward as it may seem

Hamlet at Teatre Lliure

Praising the playwright

The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death will see a full-on celebration in the UK and the British have kindly invited the rest of the world to join in

Water sluices being fully-opened at the Llosa del Cavall reservoir in Solsonès last December.  ACA

Half empty or half full?

After a drier winter than normal, Catalonia's reservoirs are far from bursting but are full enough to prevent too much concern going into spring and the possibility of water shortages

Farmers are worried about cereals not developing sufficient roots because the weather has not been cold enough. Santi Iglesias

Grain harvest under threat

The effects on crops of a combination of unusually warm winter temperatures and a sustained lack of rainfall is causing great concern among Catalonia's dryland cereal farmers

Taking plant samples

Remaining vigilant

The forest fire always asks plants the same questions: how much water do you have to defend yourself?” Xavier Castro talks about fire as if it were a person to explain the relationship between the risk...

The forest fire in Albinyana, in Baix Penedès, at the start of January, which behaved in a similar manner to a fire in June, according to the fire service. Winter forest fires are becoming more common due to the effects of climate change, argue experts.  EFE

The risk of fire

As the effects of climate change make themselves felt, the panorama of forest fires in Catalonia is changing

It has been a record winter in Catalonia in terms of warm average temperatures and scarce rainfall.  EFE

Searching the sky

The recent warm, dry weather is set to continue into spring according to the most sophisticated climatic models

Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and his house stands there to this day (pictured). /  ARCHIVE
The English Culture Club

In the home of Shakespeare

Join us on a three-day trip to London, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon