Maria Nicolau

“You can’t cook well without liking food”

Maria Nicolau, a cook by training and profession, has sneaked not only into our kitchens but also into our libraries with Cuina! O barbàrie, a book published by Ara Llibres in which she displays all her...

Abel Mariné

“The best diet is a varied and balanced one”

Abel Mariné is one of the leading food experts in Catalonia. In this interview he defends the Mediterranean diet and dispels some myths about what is considered artificial or natural. The key, he says, is balance and moderation, and enjoying meals with time and in company

Cristina Lombardía

“We need to help young people fill the gap left when they have to give up their screens”

The psychiatrist talks about how easy it is for young people to become addicted to online activity and how difficult it is to wean them off digital devices and encourage healthier behaviour

Fernando Fernández
Greenpeace mobilisation coordinator in Catalonia

“We’re the state most at risk of desertification in the European Union”

Greenpeace remains one of the world’s leading environmental pressure groups and it has the aim of forging alliances, networking and pressuring for changes in the policies that affect the natural world

Eudald Carbonell

“We are speeding towards another glacial period”

Archaeologist Eudald Carbonell argues that it is too late for humans to avoid disaster but that there is hope for the species if we can learn from our mistakes

Carla Simón
Director of ‘Alcarràs’, Golden bear at the Berlinal

“I find the stories in what is around me and what I say must really matter to me”

We interview director Carla Simón, winner of this year’s Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival

Magda Campins
Expert in infectious diseases.

“With Covid, better prudence than haste”

Dr Magda Campins chairs the Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Committee, which the Catalan government has commissioned with defining a plan for the new normal. Far from euphoria, Campins shows cautious optimism

Isona Passola
creator and producer of the ’Cucut’ tv series

“Well-explained stories interest everyone”

The novel La vida sense la Sara Amat (Life without Sara Amat) by Pep Puig has proved to be an inspiring story for Isona Passola (Barcelona, 1953). In 2015, she was part of the literary jury that awarded...

Paula Jornet

“There will be more diversity on stage tomorrow”

A native of Sant Cugat, actor and musician Paula Jornet is clear about what she wants and an optimist and activist in equal measures

Daniele Finzi Pasca
Director of Cirque du Soleil’s show ‘Luzia’

“Cirque du Soleil goes beyond theatre”

The world’s largest contemporary circus producer has returned to Europe for the first time since the pandemic began with a show in L’Hospitalet