“Climate change can no longer be stopped”

The University of Barcelona professor is one of the country’s main environmental experts. In his latest book, he says that in the past a decade the efforts to protect of the natural environment has slowed in Catalonia

Gemma Geis
Catalan Secretary for Research and Universities

“Research should be at the heart of an independent Catalonia”

Gemma Geis (Girona, 1979) is the new Secretary for Research and Universities, having herself been involved in research for years and vice-principal of a university. Such experience has not always been...

Àlex García Amat

“I like to say we make movies without pictures”

Podcasting is on the rise, and La Coctelera Music is a ’boutique’ production company in Barcelona that provides made-to-measure sound design for the online format that today reaches 40% of internet users in Spain

Oriol Bota

“No one walks alone on The Magic Line”

The Magic Line is the annual fundraising walk of the Sant Joan de Déu welfare organisation, the Catalan wing of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God. This year’s walk takes place on June 13...


“Our current lifestyle favours allergies”

Dr Victòria Cardona, Head of Allergology at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, explains the mysterious world of allergies

Manuel Quinto

Sharing life with Jimmy Jump

Manuel Quinto, a Catalan writer of original, humorous crime novels and a passionate film expert, told me some years ago of his friendship with the International Brigader Jimmy Jump. When James Jump’s memoirs were published, I remembered and rang Manuel. He was happy to do an interview: “anything for Jimmy Jump”

Joan Oliveras
President of the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)

“Museums need a new relationship with society”

The businessman and jewellery designer Joan Oliveras (Barcelona, 1957) has been appointed the new president of the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC).What is your ideal MNAC, and what is achievable...


“Playing in bars was my school and my university”

With a long career in music that goes back more than 15 years, the Terrassa-born musician, Carles Ruiz Bosch, artistically known as Litus, has come into the public spotlight as a member of the Late Motiv...

Sílvia de Lamo
Food, Innovation and Engineering (FoodIE) Research Group

“We’ll eat crickets and black fly larvae”

Does eating insects provide the solution to upcoming global food supply problems? Sílvia de Lamo from the Food, Innovation and Engineering (FoodIE) Research Group at Rovira i Virgili University shares her thoughts

Eudald Carbonell

“Homo Sapiens must tear down hierarchies and leaders”

In his new book, ‘Matèria vivent, vida pensant’ (Living Matter, Thinking Life), the archaeologist explores the future of humans, arguing that as a species we have to do away with hierarchy and leadership