Altafaj has 20 years experience working in the EU. /Benoît Bourgeois

'We need to act in an exemplary way'

Rebecca Smith with Nicole Millar on EL PUNT AVUI TV/  ARCHIVE

Love at first sight

Carol Wilkinson is a retired teacher living in Girona/  ARCHIVE

The pony made me do it

Nicole Millar and Germà Capdevila

Coming home

Catalan to English literary translator Peter Bush, author of the translation of The Gray Notebook by Josep Pla.  ARCHIVE

The challenge of styles

ECClub group leader Linda Ward.  Judit Fernández

A busy life

Albinyana poses for a photograph during the interview.  O. DURAN

'To be a state, you need a state's mentality'

Ángel león

'I will never get tired of the sea'

Miquel Berga had the original idea for The Class.  MANEL LLADÓ

Making linguistic history

Lluís Llach at home in Porrera, in Priorat, where the interview took place and where his winery is located./  JUDIT FERNÀNDEZ
Lluís Llach
Singer, writer and wine producer

The exercise of creativity