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“We must fight the Taliban like we’re fighting the pandemic”

Bashir Eskandari is an Afghan migrant, a human rights activist and head of the Cultural Association of Afghans and Catalans


Gustav Klimt’s universe

The Ideal Digital Arts Centre invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of the leading representative of Austrian Modernism

So, how was your summer?

When people ask me this question I’ll be able to say it was unique. I had some novel experiences.Because the Spanish government doesn’t seem to have the ability to get its Social Security department...


The key device with which we communicate, albeit (luckily) not the only one, is language. Linguistic communities are also a proxy for nations, or peoples, with a few spreading throughout the globe. Fundamentally,...

A failure of the WEST

Afghanistan is back to square one after 20 years of intervention

In the hands of terror

The hasty withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan leaves the way open for the main Islamist groups in the country

La Diada: a historical perspective

Two historians reflect on the significance of La Diada, Catalonia’s national day on September 11

Long-term resident

Mr. Cussà

On July 11th last, Jordi Cussà i Balaguer passed away at the age of 60, in his native town of Berga. Now, I’m not such a fool that I don’t know that many if not most readers will be thinking or even...


The great forgotten

When the pandemic struck, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one whose concerns expressed themselves as fears for my nearest and dearest. My mother, an elderly woman in poor health living in a care home over...

Cap Roig

The stars are out again

The nights in the Cap Roig festival have always been full of stars, with big names from the national and international music scene. The pandemic forced the festival held in Calella de Palafrugell’s Botanical...