News from El Punt Avui


Pioneering operation on pancreatic cancer

A team of surgeons from Vall d’Hebron Hospital has operated on patients with locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma - one of the cancers with the worst prognosis and which until now could not be...

Two records on first day of World Championships

The Hangzhou short-range World Championships in China got off to a good start with two world records broken on the first day of competition. The first was by the Japanese swimmer Daiya Seto, who won the...


Young Catalans now tolerate corruption

Young Catalans now accept cases of corruption occurring in everyday life as normal. This includes copying in an exam, falsifying residency to enrol a child at a preferred school, a public worker receiving...

Calvo clarifies 155 not an option

PSC now says it sees “no sense” in applying 155 and defends actions of Catalan police force over CDRs

global economy

IMF sees a debilitated world in face of upcoming crisis

The first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), David Lipton, yesterday warned that turmoil is coming to the global economy and that central banks are not well enough prepared...

Police restructure shelved

Buch shelves re-shuffling of Catalan police force commanders and puts a lid on the crisis around events at protests in Girona and Terrassa

Health care defenders demand shorter waits

The Marea Blanca, a platform defending public health in Catalonia, yesterday addressed a letter to the government demanding shorter waiting lists and the cessation of the commercialization of health care....


Loss of memory and loss of human rights

80 years ago, the government of Benito Mussolini approved the racial laws of fascism, a set of rules for applying racial discrimination. First they were applied against the Jewish population; and then...


Six months of protests in Tarragona

It’s six months today since the silence against repression initiative began holding daily demonstrations (Monday to Friday) in front of the Tarragona courts at the entrance of the parish of Sant Pau...

united kingdom

May postpones vote on Brexit to avoid defeat

Yesterday afternoon Theresa May announced that the House of Commons vote on Brexit that was supposed to take place today will be postponed. Hours later the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk,...