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Living the REALITY

Who are these people? “Immigrants temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than the one[s] in which they were raised.”This to me is a much better explanation than the word expat (or expatriate),...

Pennies from heaven

Of all the indictments ever hurled against the Euro perhaps the sharpest was made by Margaret Thatcher thirty years ago. Her memoirs describe a conversation in summer 1990 where she tried to convince John...


It’s a woman’s world

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that has plagued (pun intended) football, it’s turned out to be a fantastic season for Barça. Of course, I’m not referring to Ronald Koeman’s shower of overpaid...

Long-term resident

All unwelcome

In his memoirs, the Catalan novelist, playwright, poet, journalist and translator Josep Maria de Sagarra describes how easy it was to travel in Europe when he was a young man, before passports were gradually...


The shop with more books than villagers

A year ago, during the height of the pandemic, this journalist decided to leave Madrid, where she lived and worked, to go to her grandmother’s village in the Pyrenees and open a bookshop


Catalan language in the heart of Barcelona

During the three months of lockdown, a bookshop appeared in Barcelona. Backed by businessman Tatxo Benet, the new thousand square-metre cultural space is run by a Creu de Sant Jordi prizewinner

Pitu Rovira. LA CAPONA

Woven into the cultural fabric

La Capona is a bookshop that takes its name from one of the church bells in Tarragona cathedral. It has also become a key part of the city’s cultural fabric in the 24 years since it opened

Olga Vila i Ernest Riera. SWEET BOOKS

Long live books

In a small neighbourhood in Girona’s Old Town you can browse volumes that have passed through more than a few hands, from mythical editions to books with forgotten dedications by some of the great figures of literature

Helena Bernadas. ALTAÏR

Where journeys begin

A visit to to Altaïr means being able to go anywhere in the world. Travel guides, maps, and literature from anywhere on the planet are part of the shop’s extensive catalogue, one of the largest in Europe

Oblit Baseria. CASA ANITA

A corner for children in the heart of the Gràcia neighbourhood

A campaign recently ended in survival for this bookshop in Barcelona’s Gràcia district, with the premises being purchased thanks to the support of social media and the work of three illustrators