News from El Punt Avui


Extra 800 places for underage foreign migrants

The family and social affairs minister, Chakir el Homrani, yesterday said his department has secured “between 800 and 900 places” for unaccompanied underage migrants (known commonly as MENA) who are...


Court orders state to repay €17m to gas customers

The Supreme Court has ordered the Spanish government to return 17.3 million euros to gas consumers. From December 2014 and throughout 2015, customers were charged in their gas bills to Enagás to pay compensation...

Uncertainty over success of all-party summit

President Quim Torra has called a meeting at 4pm today in the Catalan government headquarters as a “space for dialogue between all parliamentary groups”, an initiative called for by the Socialists...

Rain storms cause chaos

Roads and public transport severely affected as heavy rainfall in morning and early afternoon leads to flooding, above all, in and around Barcelona area

Antich case reaches court

Barcelona city council brings charges against the judge who issued Puig Antich’s death warrant in 1974.

Audio-visual talent on display at third celebration of V.O.C

This is the third celebration of VOC, Omnium’s competition for short films and documentaries in Catalan. This year VOC will be shown in 34 different municipalities in Catalonia from November 16 to November...

United States

Two fires in California continue to grow

The two giant fires burning since Thursday in California, which have already caused at least 50 deaths, continue to grow. Emergency teams are still searching for more than 200 people who have not yet been...


Citizens called on to improve their digital security

The Generalitat is promoting a new campaign to raise awareness about internet security and get people to use the internet more safely. It promotes the adoption of “healthy” internet practices, since...


The Sommeliers win the Miquel Martí i Pol prize

With a musical rendition of Joan Margarit’s poem “La llibertat”, the vocal group the Sommeliers were, awarded the Miquel Martí i Pol prize on Tuesday. The prize was given in the eleventh edition...


Oct 1 violence put down to “police techniques”

An inspector and a police officer charged for their violence during the referendum at the Dolors Montserdà school in Barcelona admitted yesterday that among other things they punched a girl in the face...