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September, a time for reflection

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Here's to a summer filled with festivals


CATchat podcast: it's about Catalonia, not cats!

Neil talking to Moishan Gaspar on English Hour.  ARCHIVE

A look at the art scene

Long-term resident
Matthew tree

Nine million bicycles

A publciity shot showing the cast of the series, Penny Dreadful. /  ARCHIVE
els bastards

On Penny Dreadful and Gothic literature

A Euro symbol projected onto the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt./ EFE
Tribune. pere miret
Economist and member of the Economy Section of the National Catalan Assembly (ANC)

Are the decisions of the European Central Bank politically motivated?

random thoughts
Terry Parris. Writer

Any excuse for a festival!

Steve Smyth with Barney Griffiths on El Punt Avui TV. /

Music as communication


'I never expect anything'