2020s: the disruptive decade

A democratic crisis, climate change, and technological progress are factors that will change our lives in the coming years

Dàmaris Gelabert
Singer educator and music therapis

“I wanted to be Mary Poppins and I did it”

interview Thousands of children love her songs, and nurseries and schools around the country use them in their classes, while they can also be heard in theatres and she has a large following online. Dàmaris...

Lluís Cabrera
Founder and head of the Taller de Músics school

“Rosalía kept the teachers on their toes”

Rosalía’s concerts in Barcelona in December topped off a fabulous year for the young singer from Sant Esteve Sesrovires, and they coincided with the year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of...

Rapper exiled in Belgium

“They want to lock me up for my ideology”

Josep Miquel Arenas Beltran is better known as the rapper Valtònyc. At the end of November, the European Court of Justice’s advocate general advised the courts that Spain could not demand Valtònyc’s...

Interview with the devil

On November 24, 1923, ’La Veu de Catalunya’ published an interview that its correspondent in Germany, Eugeni Xammar, conducted with the future ’Führer’, Adolf Hitler

State power and CATALANOPHOBIA

Complex phenomena are more straightforward in their infancy, and social institutions are better understood through examples from the past. For instance, how is elite rule enforced? Thucydides, the Athenian...

Marcela Topor
Marcela Topor

Lessons from Brexit and a Social Europe

Sense foto
random thoughts
Terry Parris / Writer

Notes on being old

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viewponit / brett hetherington

Australia’s burning questions

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tribune / Eduard Gracia

Europe’s institutional dilemma

Barney Griffiths
Barney Griffiths


Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree

Days of yore

Catalan clubs faltering at start of 2020

Energy and social transition

Where we’re headed

Where we’re headed

The end of cash

The end of cash

Ingrid Teixidor
Celler Oliveda

Ingrid Teixidor

Joan Mateu

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Tortellà (Garrotxa)

Dani Iglesias

Actors, co-founders of escapade theatre

Sue Flack & Caspar

Dolors Ferrés López
Studie geology at the UAB and had her first job at the Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone.

City of eternal spring

Maria Miguel Cuadra
Managment company

“They think differently”

Eva J. Daussà
Professor of linguistics at the University of Groningen

”The place chose me”

Maria Hernández Reig.
Guide to the Sovtintendenza Archeologica di Roma and the Municipal Museums of Rome

The art history mecca

Micromobility on the RISE

Interview with the devil

Catalan Winter Olympics: a viable option

€100 million over the last decade

Gessamí Caramés
"Pin-up" cakemaker on TV3's "Cuines" programme

“Cooking needs its own time to do, and so does filming; you need to have a plan B”

Dàmaris Gelabert
Singer educator and music therapis

“I wanted to be Mary Poppins and I did it”

Rapper exiled in Belgium

“They want to lock me up for my ideology”

Steven Kemp

Figting against FRAUD

Alasdair Gray
28 December 1934 - 29 December 2019

in the early days of a better nation

City of dazzling cafés

Know the enemy


Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Penedès

Text: CUINA MAGAZINE Photo: Anna García Frigola

A sweet almond treat

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through... Terra Alta

Text: CUINA MAGAZINE Photo: Anna García Frigola

Black truffles, a winter delicacy

The never-ending search for digital talent

Mar Gutiérrez-Colón
PHD in English Philology (URV) and head of the team developing the new Art of Reading application

Learning English through fun

Smart Heritage

How to be a good REFEREE?

Blanes, 2019
Photo: oriol duran

Make way for the Carnival King!

Horrorland, Cercs 2018
Photo: ACN

Are you ready for the fright of your life?

Festa major in Banyoles
Photo: Sara Cabarrocas

A cause for celebration

Llorenç del Penedès
Photo: Courtesy of town council

Night of fire and witches