The literature of Barcelona

This is a book about books, books in Catalan and in Castilian (and a few in French and English) from or about Barcelona. It is more, too: Mike Gonzalez tells the city’s history through its books and explains the city’s literature with reference to its history

A chocolate book

Jordi Roca publishes Casa Cacao, a journey to the origins of the exotic and ancient fruit, and the prelude to the Roca family’s new food project in Girona, where chocolate will play the leading role


Elizabeth Costello is that very rare thing: a commercially successful writer of fiction from Australia – the far end of the world that has typically given very little attention (or much else) to people...

How to avoid the OPERA

Anyone who picks up this book of 13 short stories will often laugh out loud at Teresa Solana’s quirky humour. They may well be chilled, too, and be pushed to think. Her entertaining stories contain sharp social criticism: a kick that follows the laughter

Murder and Spanish dirty tricks

A Body in Barcelona is a novel featuring a major terrorist attack organised by secret strata of the Spanish state in alliance with ultra-rightists nostalgic for Franco, in order to head off a Catalan Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

Chris Bambery.

‘Last autumn the Catalans LEFT THE BUILDING and they’re not coming back’

Along with George Kerevan, Bambery wrote the book, Catalonia Reborn: How Catalonia took on the corrupt Spanish state and the legacy of Franco.In Catalonia, independence supporters were impressed by the...

Kleptomaniac state

October 1, 2017, the General Strike against repression two days later, the Declaration of Independence and the December elections organised by Rajoy after imposing Direct Rule are the vivid contents of Catalonia Reborn

Tragedy in the Cathedral

Favourite for a Palafrugell literary prize in 1905, Josafat was then rejected because of its immorality. Its publication a year later caused an enormous scandal due to its anticlericalism and sex descriptions. It is now Prudenci Bertrana’s best-known book

Catalonia Crisis: A plea for dialogue

The Struggle for Catalonia is based on Minder’s experience as a journalist and some 200 interviews with politicians, singers, migrants, historians, campaigners, shop-keepers, journalists, academics and many others, from Jaime Mayor Oreja to Nachat el Hachmi.

Vicky hayward

Blunt and intimate recipes

How did you become so deeply involved with Altamiras?It was in the 1990s that I was given a copy of his book. His style of writing, informal, friendly and personal, but always serious about cooking and...