Women & Wine

Zoltan Nagy’s book, Reinas de Copas, describes the profiles of 50 women connected to wine production in Spain, some 23 of whom are Catalan

Joan Sales’ lesser known novel:

Winds of the night

Joan Sales wrote only two novels. The translation of his classic Incerta glòria (Uncertain Glory, 1971) was reviewed in Catalonia Today in October 2014. Winds of the Night is the sequel and, though it can be read independently, gains in interest if you have read Incerta glòria first

The autumn booklist

Autumn sees new books by Vicenç Pagès, Jordi Puntí and Lluís Llach, while among the most anticipated foreign authors are Paul Auster, Arundhati Roy and Ken Follet

daniel pALOMERAS. GP and writer

A murderer on the Costa Brava

Doctors are not always the good guys in novels. It is something that should not surprise us: there are few professions that are so romanticised in fiction and so maligned in private. Characters usually...

British Barcelona

A book unveils the close relationship between the Catalan capital and the British Isles

Catalan literature takes a step forward

From September 8 to 17, the streets of Barcelona once again welcome Catalan Book Week, which this year aims to exceed expectations and appeal to a new generation of readers

Land of Chopin

An American writer and socialite captures the beauty and grandeur of Mallorca’s Valldemossa

Only taking care of animals

The Old Man at the Bridge was originally a report for the North American Newspaper Alliance, NANA. In April 1938, Hemingway was covering the Spanish Civil War in Southern Catalonia. He then included the piece in his collection of short stories, The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine. A newspaper article giving background colour was turned into an accessible, simple and profound story

Romanticising the fight against Franco

Autumn in Catalonia tells of Carla, an outstanding student at Barcelona University in 1964. She is in love with Luc, an easy-going fellow-student. But there is no oasis of peace in Franco’s Spain

A Welshman’s view of a sinister Girona

Chris Lloyd has published his third crime novel in pure Nordic noir style set in the provincial capital with a Mossa d’Esquadra policewoman as the protagonist