The forest fire in Albinyana, in Baix Penedès, at the start of January, which behaved in a similar manner to a fire in June, according to the fire service. Winter forest fires are becoming more common due to the effects of climate change, argue experts.  EFE

The risk of fire

It has been a record winter in Catalonia in terms of warm average temperatures and scarce rainfall.  EFE

Searching the sky

Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and his house stands there to this day (pictured). /  ARCHIVE
The English Culture Club

In the home of Shakespeare

The room in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya where some of the most emblematic works of Ramon Casas are on display.

Casas commemorated

A history of love

Catalonia's Museu d'Història presents different visions of love and marriage throughout the ages in the exhibition, T'estimo?, which runs until May 22

Part of the exhibition, Documents d'acció. Obres de les col·leccions Denney i Cordier (1947-1965) at the Fundació Tàpies. /  ANDREU PUIG

How Tàpies found his voice

Toni Catany

A season packed with art

Industrial robots working alongside people in a Japanese factory

Robots gaining popularity in Catalan homes A helping hand

The Cure

Sounds of 2016

The electric car has gone from being a futuristic dream to a present reality, as more vehicles are registered every year. / EFE

An intelligent alternative