Following the train tracks by bike

The population of working age will decline

As can be seen in the graph on the left, the population of working age has gradually risen in the past three decades, on the one hand due to the generations born in the 1960s and 1970s coming of age and,...

A growing need for fresh blood

Mireia Farré, in the Idescat HQ.

'Ageing is a main success of our society' Adjusting to a new social model

From six to seven and a half million

Fertility, life expectancy and migratory flows determine the population. This graph shows how, in the first place, between 1980 and 2000 the population remained around six million people. However, in the...

Fewer children

Catalonia went from having almost 100,000 births every year in the 1970s to 55,000 in the 1990s. In other words, there was a decline in children per woman that has since recovered slightly. The baby boom...

More deaths

For the first time in the recent history of Catalonia it is forecast that in the immediate future –before 2020– the number of deaths will outstrip that of births. The mortality rate is rising, despite...

Tom Hiddleston, the main character in The Night Manager Archive
els bastards

Le Carré makes his return to television

The Flower Portrait was long thought to be a contemporary painting of the Bard, but a 2004 investigation found it to be a 19th-century forgery. /  ARCHIVE

400 years of Shakespeare

Tendencies and trends often generate unthought of consequences which themselves are trends, many liable to manipulation. The “selfie” is a case in point. (Thanks for your help Gemma) JOE HOGAN

Oh my God, my nose!