Albert Serra is an internationally acclaimed Catalan filmmaker

'Artists should try to be different'

Brett Hetherington on El Punt Avui TV in Our Finest Hour with Matthew Tree.
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An Australian in Penedès

Martí heads La Campana, which has topped the Sant Jordi bestsellers the past three years. /  ARCHIVE

Turning the page

Steve Brown with Nicole Millar on EL PUNT AVUI TV/  ARCHIVE

I heard it on the grapevine

Didac talking to Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  ARCHIVE

Instilling a digital mindset


A tribute to tradition for modern times

Sala i Martin with Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  ARCHIVE

'Translating' economics

Miquel Calçada is a popular journalist and media entrepreneur.

The right person at the right time

Barney Griffith outside El Punt Avuí TV studios  EL PUNT AVUÍ
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From Shakespeare to Messi

Jordi Planagumà. Black Music Festival organiser.  ARCHIVE

'The challenge is finding new bands'