Xavier Moratonas
Founder and Head of Lu2

“Playing with the family helps us to communicate again”

Sílvia Bel

“Keeping up in this profession is much harder for a woman”

Joan Canadell
President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

“We don’t want any firm to go under”

Víctor García de Gomar
Artistic director of the Liceu opera house

Opera needs a revolution

Gessamí Caramés
"Pin-up" cakemaker on TV3's "Cuines" programme

“Cooking needs its own time to do, and so does filming; you need to have a plan B”

Dàmaris Gelabert
Singer educator and music therapis

“I wanted to be Mary Poppins and I did it”

Rapper exiled in Belgium

“They want to lock me up for my ideology”

Steven Kemp

Figting against FRAUD

Begoña Román
Chair of the Ethical Committee of Social Services in Catalonia

“AI is made so that you like it”

David Bagué i Soler

Thinking with the hands