Dr. Ramon Brugada


How is the project to install defibrillators in public spaces going?The public access defibrillation programme in Girona is one of the most important in Europe, and we now have 723 defibrillators everywhere,...

Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1962) is one of the world’s great chefs. After closing his El Bulli restaurant, he now focuses on creativity, his El Bulli Foundation, and his new project in Cala Montjoi. We spoke to him when he guested at a ’Sopars de Girona’ event, a meeting of Girona people living and working in Barcelona


“Soon technology will be as essential as English”

Aleix Valls was the general director of the Mobile World Capital of Barcelona for the last year and a half. He did a job that seems extremely complex because it means keeping up with the people who have...

North meets South

You are from Iceland, tell me about it.Iceland is a very special country, and of course it’s my country. It’s an island in the far north, if you go any further north you get to the North Pole! It’s...

Miquel Crespi

'We help actors overcome their fears'

Crespi argues that preparing actors for a play or TV part is about providing them with specific tools the director can take advantage of and that they can use throughout their career

Vicenç Altaió

On the legacy of Joan Brossa

Writer, essayist, poet and critic Vicenç Altaió has taken over at the helm of the Joan Brossa Foundation with the mission of breathing new life into it. To Altaió, a man who calls himself a “dealer...

Taking tradition to the stage

You’re from Georgia?Yes, a very beautiful country, spectacular nature and wonderful culture, and wine and food and special music. We have great Georgian Folk music. It’s thanks to this great Georgian...

Between Oxford and Empordà

Your surname doesn’t seem very British.In fact it is German, it’s the name of a tiny village in the middle of the Germany. It’s the name my father’s ancestors chose but they didn’t come from...

Making a difference in India

Where did it all start?This adventure started in 2004. I was a fan of humanitarian work and wanted to have the experience of volunteering, so I went to Calcutta and became a volunteer for the Mission of...


‘If it isn’t about people then it isn’t even theatre’

The British theatre director gives us an insight into his work as he returns to Catalonia for the Temporada Alta festival with his Russian company to perform Twelfth NightYou are a regular at the festival....