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Sinn Féin’s victory in Northern Ireland is a further step towards the reunification of Ireland and the break-up of the union of the four nations that make up the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales...

The cruel reality

TV Series In 1994, the best TV series ever set in a hospital was released in the United States. This is ER (Urgencias), which was a great follow-up for those who had already enjoyed Open Heart in the...


Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the long-lasting war in the Donbas had been deemed part of a faraway localised low-intensity conflict by the West. Then, on February 24, the Kremlin launched an all-out...

When everyone was suspicious

The Political-Social Brigade secret police became one of the main instruments of espionage and repression of the Franco regime, as well as a key player in helping the regime survive for some four decades

With the help of the Nazis

Catalan President Lluís Companys was persecuted and assassinated as a result of Spanish espionage, while Catalan politicians and writers played a role as spies in the Civil War and immediate postwar period

The spying has been going on for a long time

With the fallout from the Catalangate scandal dominating the headlines, we take a look at the long history of surveillance by the Spanish authorities on the Catalan pro-independence movement

from the editor

Spying is incompatible with the rule of law

The state of suspicion is a degeneration of the rule of law, as dictatorships and totalitarian regimes have shown us. Suspicion of ordinary citizens is the way to justify the need to spy on, to control...

“Mahatma Gandhi a martyr to assassin’s bullets”

Occasionally, the human race produces truly exceptional persons of unique qualities. Gandhi is without any doubt one of them. Behind an apparently frail and simple physical appearance hid a towering personality...

Hard to swallow

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, analyses the situation at Catalonia’s leading clubs as the season draws to a close

Brain and brawn

TV series The British writer Lee Child has published more than forty novels and short stories starring Jack Reacher, a huge former US military police officer with a very peculiar code of conduct, who...