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10th edition of food collection campaign kicks off

The 10th edition of the Gran Recapte food collection campaign kicked off yesterday hoping to surpass last year’s record of almost 5,000 tonnes. People can now donate online, while volunteers in 2,500...


Coac exhibition pays tribute to architect Bosch Aymerich

Buenos Aires summit exposes G20 rifts

The G20 summit, bringing together the leaders of the largest economies on the globe, will meet today in Buenos Aires, in a climate defined more by its disagreements and divisions than common ground. The...

Austerity is unhealthy


Banking exodus in London financial hub


The Grinch is after your Christmas presents, again

Film newcomer Peter Candeland has teamed up with Yarrow Cheney, director of The Secret Life of Pets, to direct The Grinch, a new adaptation of the classic Christmas tale The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,...


Madrid voting on “anachronistic” monarchy

Yesterday 5,000 students, teachers and staff from the Autonomous University of Madrid participated in a vote on the monarchy. They were asked, “are you in favour of abolishing the monarchy to establish...

Welfare state or unfair state?


Galeria K opens with a Víctor Ramírez exhibition


Lion Air plane was not airworthy before it crashed

Indonesian investigators have said that the Lion Air plane that crashed off Indonesia was not fit to fly on its penultimate journey, in which pilots had problems that were similar to those that caused...

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