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Another in our series of interviews with ECClub members and subscribers


ow long have you lived in Catalonia?
I’ve lived here for 17 years. I first came here for a year, just to get away from the UK for a change of scene but, you know, things happen along the way and here I am!
What do you like about the country?
It’s difficult to say just one or two things but I guess I like the general lifestyle here. And of course everything that goes with that: the weather, the food, the people, the landscape. I think Catalonia, or at least Girona where I live, is just an easy-going place. It’s a great place to bring up my two daughters. Yes, I suppose that’s it! It’s a great place for my daughters to grow up. That’s the most important thing for me.
Which languages do you use in your everyday life?
English mainly. I’m an English teacher and my wife is English. Catalan in the street. A bit of Spanish but here in Girona it’s usually Catalan.
Do you follow Catalan issues in the local media?
I guess so, yes. I’m not sure what Catalan issues are though. I think Catalan issues are fairly universal ones, in my opinion.
What do you read and watch, and where do you get your entertainment from?
Pretty much everything I can. As for reading... books and newspapers, mainly on the Internet. Regarding the news... I like to mix it up, you know, to get different points of view. As for TV, I don’t watch a lot of normal TV but I do sometimes watch series on Netflix or something. Plus, with my daughters, we tend to watch Club Super 3 and Clan and the likes. Pretty much the best stuff on TV in my opinion.
What English Hour programmes on El Punt Avui TV have you seen?
To be honest, only the one that Nicole does, when she interviewed my wife. She was brilliant of course!
How and when did you first learn about Catalonia Today?
A few years back, about 2009. I saw it in a cafe. The newspaper version I mean. The magazine, fairly recently
What do you like most about the magazine?
I think it’s great for local people to read about topics they are interested in and practise their English.
What do you think is missing from Catalonia Today?
Nothing in particular! I think it covers a good range of topics and areas of interest.
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