Rules of participation

  1. When participating on the websites of Grup Hermes, user contributions are subject to acceptance of the following Rules.
  2. To contribute when participating on the websites of Grup Hermes, Registration with the Grup's websites is required, including providing all of the ID and localisation information on the corresponding form. Participating on the websites of Grup Hermes is based on respect for and between users, while the content of contributions is the responsibility of each individual. Thus, all participating contributions will be shown on the website along with the name, surnames and place of residence of the respective author.
  3. All types of contributions to the websites of Grup Hermes will be made via the various participation forms, with no right to any type of remuneration.
  4. The voluntary contribution of texts, graphics, photographs, videos or any other type of material to the websites of Grup Hermes implies the granting of the rights of use (reproduction, dissemination and public communication in all its forms) to Hermes Comunicacions S.A.. The granting of these rights is not exclusive and has no time or geographical limits. In all such cases, Hermes Comunicacions S.A. will credit the name of the author of the material
  5. In accordance with the previous point, only contributions created or made by the user will be admitted, and thus texts, graphics, videos, photographs or any other material created by persons other than the user will be rejected so as not to infringe the rights of third persons. With the acceptance of these Rules and the contribution of materials, the user assumes full responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property rights, image rights or those pertaining to third persons. The user understands that the responsibility is exclusively his or hers, and that Hermes Comunicacions S.A. will be exempt from any claims or litigation that might arise.
  6. In the case of photographs of infants, only those photographs in which the child appears with at least one its parents will be accepted.
  7. The language of the Grup Hermes's websites is Catalan. Contributions in any other language will be automatically deleted for the sake of users' understanding. The reiterated use of other languages will lead to the exclusion of the user in question.
  8. Hermes Comunicacions S.A. has no responsibility for the graphical and/or linguistic quality of user contributions and reserves the right not to accept contributions that are not of sufficient quality.
  9. 9. Hermes Comunicacions S.A. will not accept contributions publicising services or products, nor those that promote surveys, competitions, claims or the mass dissemination of information, nor anything promoting content or services from websites that do not belong to Grup Hermes.
  10. User contributions will be moderated for fact checking and to decide whether they will be published or archived.
  11. In accepting these rules, the user declares that all the information provided is true. All incomplete or false information will not be validated. User contributions must respect the law, especially that pertaining to the dignity and rights of people. Thus no contribution will be accepted if it is insulting, libellous or threatening, including those that are sexist, obscene, racist or xenophobic, or if it infringes honour and privacy or incites any type of discrimination or violence.
  12. The personal information obtained through this form will be added to a file called Usuaris web d'Hermes Comunicacions S.A., created to register and offer services to website users. With this aim in mind, this information can be used by the companies of Grup Hermes as indicated in the legal information of this website. Registering as a Hermes Comunicacions S.A. user implies consent for one's personal information to be used for this end.
  13. Any registered user has rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, such as demanding one's account to be definitively removed by contacting Hermes Comunicacions S.A., carrer Güell, nº. 68, 17005, Girona, telephone 972186400, fax 972186454 and email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.