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Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas

Gelateria Rocambolesc

Today we get to know Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas from Rocambolesc, an ice-cream parlour right in the heart of Girona’s most crowded streets. The shop specialises in home made ice cream and unique desserts that require a lot of imagination, creativity and hard work from the people who are involved in such an endeavour.

1. Ice cream terrines. One of the most important items because it means clients can take the ice cream away and eat it anywhere that isn’t here.

2. Cotton-candy machine. One of the most requested toppings by their costumers. Originally from the “postre làctic”, but since it is so popular as a topping, Jordi and Añejandra installed it in the shop.

3. “Panets” machine. Designed by Andreu Carulla, it’s a machine that makes hot bread rolls filled with cold ice cream and toppings. Theycame up with the idea during in our first winter when they were looking for a way to sell ice creams in winter.

4. Ice cream machine. A special machine that mixes the ice cream just before it’s served.

5. Lactic dessert. The star dessert of El Celler de Can Roca, it’s popularity made them decide to offer a takeaway pack to be able to enjoy it at home.

6. Packaging. At Rocambolesc they believe that the outside of the product is as important as the inside.

7. Shop design. The unique decorations strive to make all customers feel as thought they have entered a different world, one where imagination, games and relaxation are the fundamental element.

8. Popsicle’s moulds. Special silicone moulds; every stick is filled one by one in order to create these unusual popsicles. It is a laborious process because every mould requires special attention and various procedures.

9. Girona’s apples. Main ingredient of the baked apple ice cream. Inspired by the memory of the original dessert prepared by Jordi’s mother during his childhood.

10. Apron. Indispensable for this type of work, all the staff are required to wear one

11. Bicycle. Very useful when carrying small packages from the bakery to the workroom or the Celler. Plus it’s really cool!

12. Engruna. The couple’s dog, an adorable chihuahua whose name means “crumb”.

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