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Making the most of the autumn season

October was generous with rain and that’s good news for mushroom hunters: humidity means lots of mushrooms in November. Mushroom hunting is one of the most popular pastimes, and mycologists agree this has been a great year for edible fungi, and for the many fairs and markets devoted to the natural delicacies. November is also the month of roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes, and autumn fruits in general, so we decided to offer readers a few tips and recipes on these tasty and colourful seasonal products, and chef Ada Parellada even shares some culinary secrets with us. Yet, we can already see beyond autumn, and Christmas is on the horizon. So, keep an eye out for the upcoming Christmas celebration...in Corçà, where the festivities are arriving early this year. Check out page 25 for more info, and let us know how you prepare for Christmas and how you intend to celebrate it this year? Send your feedback to contact@cataloniatoday.cat, and next month look out for our year in review!

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