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Llopart (Subirats)

According to a document written in Latin dated January 7, 1385, Bernat Llopart, or Bernardus Leopardi, received the transfer of some vineyards located in the current Heretat de Can Llopart in Subirats. It is the first reference to the link between the Llopart family in Penedès and viticulture, a relationship that has been maintained uninterrupted to this day. For centuries, the Llopart family combined the cultivation of traditional Mediterranean products: vines, wheat and olives. It was at the end of the 18th century, when the Llopart family decided to focus exclusively on viticulture, as did the vast majority of people in the Penedès.

In 1887 Pere Massana began to label his sparkling wine with the name of the manor house he had in Subirats, under the name of Llopart. At that time, he made use of a very special label, which all the bottles of Llopart still bear – a panoramic view of the Llopart de la Costa farmhouse and the surrounding mountains. In the early 1950s, Pere Llopart i Vilarós gave new impetus to wineries. He actively contributed to the promotion and prestige of artisanal sparkling wines.

Llopart has always been known for its sparkling wines: Llopart Original 1887, Llopart Ex-Vite, Llopart Leopardi, Llopart Microcosmos, Llopart Imperial Panoramic, Llopart Imperial, Llopart Brut Nature Reserva, Llopart Brut Rosé and its sparkling sweet, Llopart Nèxtar Terrenal.

But relatively recently, they have launched a project of still wines and musts with the aim of transmitting their admiration for the world of plants. The Can Llopart de Subirats Heritage currently comprises 100 hectares of mountain vineyards and 400 hectares of Mediterranean woods and wild vegetation, a balanced agroforestry ecosystem of high biodiversity, which helps to sustain a healthy and vigorous development of the vineyards in harmony with the environment.

Arranged visits, for individuals and groups. Tel: 93 899 31 25

For lunch:
Il Picarolo (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia)

Il Picarolo is a casual restaurant, ideal for a meal with family and friends, very well located, and with spectacular views. Although at first it looks like a pizzeria, Il Picarolo is much more. You can start with some tapas, or with one of its attractive appetisers or salads. Another of their specialties are torrades: toasted farmhouse bread topped with homemade produce, such as sausage, omelette, sobrassada, or anchovies. And you mustn’t miss their desserts, like tiramisu, cheesecake, and pancakes. Tel: 93 891 05 27

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