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Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Costers del Segre

In the morning:

Clos Pons (L’ Albagés, Lleida)

In L’Albagés, in the heart of Les Garrigues, the Pons family has managed to make consumers, sommeliers and chefs all over the world fall in love with their oils, vinegars and wines. It is a family business that has been evolving since the 1930s, during the post-war period, when they began cultivating arbequina olive trees and planting vines.

Their stated mission is to preserve the legacy of an ancestral land, whose soil lies on bedrock loaded with minerals, in a clean and pure environment and an extreme climate. The generations pass, but the earth always remains and the family continues to till the soil so that many more generations can enjoy it in the future.

The richness of their crops produces wines and oils with exclusive aromas and tastes. Year after year, they work on innovating and improving the production processes. This dedication allows them to offer an excellent range of products that become real gastronomic pleasures when they reach the table. Their most popular wines are Jan white and red, white Sisquella , the organic red Alges, Pla del tet, Roc nu, and Clos Pons.

Call to book group and individual guided visits.

Tel: 973 730 525

For lunch:
La Boscana (Bellvís)

La Boscana is a restaurant located in the middle of the Lleida plain. It is an eatery with a traditional style of cuisine, but also one that does not reject innovation. Their dishes are made with produce of the highest quality. It is also a restaurant that respects history, the environment, technique and traditions.

Joël Castanyé Daniel, the restaurant’s executive chef and owner since 2009, is the youngest of the three Castanyé brothers. He studied at Llieda’s School of Hospitality and Tourism and at the University School of Hospitality and Tourism in Sant Pol de Mar. He has also worked in prestigious establishments, such as Jean-Louis Neichel’s Neichel restaurant, Xavier Pellicer’s Àbac Restaurant and Bulli Catering.

Joel and his family opened the doors of La Boscana in space that boasts more than 50,000 square metres of gardens and dining space that together offer an exclusive venue for enjoying contemporary Catalan cuisine.

In November 2014, Joel opened a gastronomic restaurant in La Boscana and two years later, in 2016, he received a Michelin star.

Tel: 973 565 575

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