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Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Conca de Barberà

In the morning:

Cellers Domenys (Sant Jaume dels Domenys, Tarragona)

Cellers Domenys is a cooperative that was first founded in 1917, and is nowadays the result of mergers with other cooperatives since 2005. The values of cooperation, participation, innovation and social responsibility have always been the axes that have motivated the cooperative to build an entity committed to the environment, uniting over 500 members and managing more than 2,500 hectares within its productive area. The vineyards of the Cellers Domenys member farmers stretch from halfway along the Catalan coast and pre-coast to the inland counties of the Camp de Tarragona, just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean, where they rest in a climate of mild temperatures, with ideal soils for vine cultivation.

Touring the more remote places of Conca de Barberà is a unique experience, in which visitors can discover natural areas of great beauty, from the Mediterranean coast to inland, getting to know the region’s people and villages, tasting its gastronomy. Cellers Domenys invites you to stroll through the land where the wines, cavas and oils with the cooperative’s Designation of Origin are conceived, grown, matured and produced. A tour of unique places with their own identity. And of course, to discover the wineries, agro-shops and other spaces of the cooperative, and among them, the modernist winery of Rocafort de Queralt, a veritable cathedral of wine.

Arranged visits, for individuals and groups.

Tel: 977 67 71 35

For lunch:
Fonda Sport (Sant Jaume de Domenys (Tarragona))

La Fonda Sport is part of the Cal Jafra group, which unites the Catalan gastronomic tradition and accommodation in a single service. In Catalonia, inns have always been the insignia hotel establishments for the popular classes, frequented by the less well-off, mainly workers and artisans, but also travellers and traders. The food was simple, varied and plentiful, prepared traditionally, with seasonal products, and a menu based on typical Catalan dishes: soups, stews, vegetables, meat, sardines, cod... While on public holidays there were more elaborate dishes, such as macaroni, cannelloni, roast chicken, grilled rabbit, veal with mushrooms... At the Fonda Sport they have continued this tradition, offering traditional Catalan recipes with a modern vision, prepared with local products. The establishment also offers accommodation: the hostel has 16 rooms, with half board and full board service. Tel: 977 677 177

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