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Most restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are removed as the celebration of Barcelona’s Gastronomic Forum signals a return to normality

1. October 15 saw the end of capacity restrictions in most sectors, including bars and restaurants, cultural establishments like theatres and museums, university classrooms and indoor and outdoor sports venues. A key exception were music festivals and concerts, where close proximity with others is considered unavoidable.
2. Congresses and trade fairs began to return to Barcelona after 18 months of pandemic. One of the most anticipated was the Gastronomic Forum, which included the participation of 60 chefs with some 46 Michelin Stars between them over three days. In all, some 300 companies and 100 speakers took part.
3. The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly known as COP26, was held in Glasgow from October 31 to November 13. While disappointing to many, the conference ended with the first ever global commitment by the 197 participating countries and regions to reduce the use of coal.
4. The rise in global gas prices caused energy costs to soar all over Europe in summer and autumn. Electricity prices in Spain rose, and stayed, above the 200 euros/MWh barrier at the beginning of October, making it the most expensive October in history, and sparking widespread protests around the country.

A cornucopia of culture for autumn

The new culture season was the focus of the magazine’s October issue, with a rundown of the main art exhibitions taking place until the end of the year, a preview of the Temporada Alta festival, and an interview with the Macba’s new director.

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