Homegrown music from all eras and for all audiences

Campllong may only be a small town set in a privileged rural landscape in the county of Gironès, but that does not stop it from organising some major cultural events, such as Musicant, an annual summer music festival whose focus is on music of Catalan creation. The Musicant festival maintains its founding objective of promoting the work of Catalan musicians of all eras, recovering unpublished or little-known scores, and offering a new platform to musical performers from the Girona region. Musicant’s concerts cover music of all eras and all styles, as can be seen from the wide range of performers in this year’s edition, which runs from August 30 to September 3.

A one-off free promotional concert on July 6 featuring the Black Music Ensemble and a repertoire of funk and soul kicked off proceedings for this year’s 19th edition. However, the true start of Musicant 2022 will take place on August 30 with the Terrassa 48 Chamber Orchestra and soprano Marta Valero, who will offer a special tribute to the great Catalan literary figure, Caterina Albert, better known by her pen name, Victor Català.

The next day, the festival takes a radical change of tone with the Catalan rumba of Sabor de Gràcia, the heirs to the grandfather of Catalan rumba, Peret.

On September 1, the Balkan Paradise Orchestra, which is made up entirely of women, will present their latest show that as always is full of vitality and dance.

On the next day, the main event will be the band Obeses, who will be presenting their latest choral show, Amb l’ai al cor.

Bringing the Musicant festival to a close on September 3 will be one of the mythical figures of Catalan music: singer-songwriter Marina Rossell.

From 30 August to 3 September
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