Celebrating music and families

Les Planes d’Hostoles (Garrotxa) hosts the 6th edition of the Planestiueja festival, from July 2 to August 6. Within the programme is another event, Harmony, a day-long festival aimed at families in all their diversity that takes place on July 30 from 11 am, and includes Els Catarres, Buhos, Suu, Koers, Arribar i Ploure and Viva o Samba, the clowns Brucaá Circus, La Churry and Ricky el Professor de Tennis. There will be a camping area, workshops and activities for all the family, as well as a bar and food trucks.

As for Planestiueja itself, the festival kicked off on July 2 and 3 with a day of performances and activities, and continues on July 10 with Manu Guix & The Veterans. That will be followed by Joan Dausà with his new album , Ho tenim tot, on July 16, and then singer Elena Gadel and guitarist Marta Robles with the show, Les dones de la meva vida, the next day. ABBA tribute band The New Experience perform on July 23, with the festival coming to a close on August 6 with a concert by Marc Timón.

Attending Planestiueja is also an opportunity to visit the county of La Garrotxa, an area that boasts many cultural assets and resources as well as a series of tourist activities offered in the Garrotxa Cultour programme, including the area’s famous volcanoes.

Other highlights of the Garrotxa Cultour programme are the Jewish quarter in the mediaeval town of Besalú, a tour of the area’s Modernist past, and a route that includes 14 viewpoints offering spectacular views of the county’s natural landscapes.

Until 6 August
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