A walk along paths where the Penedès region touches the sky

The Marxa de Resistència 7 Cims (7-Peaks Endurance Walk), organised each year by the Centre Excursionista del Penedès (Penedès Walkers Centre), takes in the paths and corners of the Penedès side of the pre-coastal mountain range.

This non-competitive test of individual endurance along mountain paths starts and finishes in the town of Torrelles de Foix, and runs for 59 kilometres, rising 4,746 metres in elevation across the area’s most emblematic mountains and peaks, through four counties. The route is traditionally done on foot, but it is not recommended during the summer months due to the high temperatures.

Along the journey, the peaks of Clapí Vell – 700 metres above the municipality of Torrelles; Puig de l’Àliga – 464 metres high, between the municipalities of Olèrdola and Canyelles; Montmell, Puig Formigosa – at 990 metres in altitude in the municipality of Querol; Puig Castellar and Puig de les Agulles – 841 metres high, considered the roof of the Penedès, are spread over the Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès, Alt Camp and Anoia counties, through the towns of Torrelles de Foix, Pla de Manlleu, Aiguaviva and Pontons, and the municipalities of Montmell, Querol and La Llacuna. Throughout this route, the landscape of vineyards combines with forest to reveal the personality of this land of wine.

The route offers one of the most interesting visits of Penedès from an ecological and landscape point of view, with small streams, waterfalls, and even some wetlands, as many of the places it passes through are of high ecological value, so important for the wine sector given the changes caused by the climate emergency.

During the hottest months, visitors can do the route in sections to avoid the heat. Wineries and food and wine venues offer varied experiences, with small restaurants and cooperatives serving typical dishes accompanied by high quality wines at very reasonable prices. These food and wine experiences can be combined with stays at rural tourism farmhouses and small hotels among the vineyards.

This is a face of the inland Penedès that is still little known, but which preserves the most ancestral and authentic spirit of the land. And in this case, it also includes shade in summer and unbeatable views from the places where the Penedès region touches the sky.

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Wine tourism and gastronomy

A long list of outdoor and food and wine activities are on offer in the area, ranging from wine bars to meals in natural surroundings – breakfasts, lunches and dinners among the vines, brunch, and combined visits to wineries and restaurants that include wine tasting-pairing and lunch or dinner. For further information visit: www.penedesturisme.cat.

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