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November food programme


Food festivals spotlight autumn delights

Towns all over Catalonia continue to celebrate the best seasonal products from clementines in the far south via organic delicacies in the capital to chocolate and a locally produced ingredients in the north

Clementine festival
All month
Citric month starts on November 17 in Alcanar with the Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Clementina, an opportunity to learn all about this delicious fruit. The Alícia Foundation is also taking part with a whole range of original and fun recipes.
Alcanar (Montsià).
Bread & chocolate
November 20
Sant Gregori has its own fair dedicated to one of the most popular Catalan snacks, pa i xocolata (bread with chocolate). The programme includes tastings, workshops and activities for the whole family so that the little ones can enjoy this typical local treat.
Sant Gregori (Gironès).
Orígens fair in Olot
November 19 & 20
One key event of the Catalan food calendar is Olot’s Orígens fair. Now in its ninth year, the fair brings together the best local seasonal products with tastings, workshops with renowned chefs, and activities in three venues: Aula de Cuina, Aula de Tast and Olot’s streets and squares. Entry is €5 and includes five tickets to try the products offered by the exhibitors.
Olot (La Garrotxa).
Festa Arrels
November 19
The Arrels project was created to bring together the urban and rural worlds. The Festa Arrels, invites visitors to enjoy and purchase organic produce from local farmers, while enjoying talks, documentaries, plus a concert by Mazoni at the end of the festival.
Barcelona (Museu Marítim).
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