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Wine route through D. O. Terra Alta

In the morning:

Celler Rialla (Batea)

Celler Rialla is a small winery located in the municipality of Batea, in Terra Alta. It was founded in 2016 as a result of the enthusiasm of three young people rooted in the territory and with the idea of ”transforming happiness into wine”. The siblings Roger and Susanna, together with their cousin Sergi, are the three young winegrowers who initiated this beautiful project.

All three grew up surrounded by vineyards and with grandparents and parents who have passed on their passion for wine from a very young age. Rialla was born with them, with the idea of transmitting joy, positivity and optimism in any situation, always looking ahead without ever stopping smiling, hence the name of the project: RIALLA (laughter).

They work their own vineyards with care, respecting the environment as much as possible, with ecological and sustainable agriculture. They make single variety and autochthonous white and ’peluda’ Grenache wines.

One of their wines, the rosé Rialla, made with Garnatxa Peluda, is a limited production that came out of the 2020 harvest, and with which they help fund research into retinoblastoma, the most common eye tumour in children under six years of age, conducted by the Fundació La Nineta dels Ulls. This foundation works to advance research and knowledge of the disease and to be able to improve the detection, treatment and quality of life of children affected by retinoblastoma. Celler Rialla allocates part of the profits of this wine to the foundation.

For lunch:
Horta de Sant Joan (Hostal Casa Barceló)

In Horta de Sant Joan, the town that Picasso fell in love with, visitors will find the Casa Barceló, a rural hostel with a simple and family-friendly atmosphere that will allow them to enjoy the best of this beautiful region located at the foot of the Ports de Tortosa Natural Park.

At the inn, you can enjoy simple, complete and balanced Mediterranean cuisine made using natural products from the land. The kings of the table are the stews, made with game meat, such as wild boar. It is a place where you can enjoy the dishes of the area, cooked in a traditional casserole, such as beans with sausage, spinach, cuttlefish, soups, seafood or vegetable of all sorts,... and original salads, which vary according to the time of year.

Tel: 977 435 353

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