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Wine route through Tarragona

In the morning:

Bàrbara Forés (Gandesa, Tarragona)

With the name Bàrbara Forés, the couple Carmen Ferrer and Manuel Sanmartín wanted to pay tribute to their great-grandmother, born in 1828. The daughter of a wine merchant and a land owner, she was a person of great character and had a decisive influence on her son Rafael. This is how Rafael Ferrer Forés, a pharmacist and an illustrious wine grower, built the cellar of the farmhouse and started bottling wine at the end of the 19th century. Bàrbara Forés, therefore, means respect and tradition in winemaking, passed down from generation to generation for more than a hundred years.

In the 1990s, Manuel and Carmen became pioneers in the production of wines in the Terra Alta designation of origin, with white Grenache as the backbone of the business. In 2014, their daughter, Pili Sanmartín Ferrer, from the sixth generation, joined the family project, with a new look and way of doing things.

Much of the work in the field is done in the traditional way of Catalan farmers. They fertilise with local organic fertilisers of animal and plant origin. The treatments in the field are based on sulphur and copper. They follow the lunar calendar, both in the field and in the cellar.

They make honest wines, which express authenticity, with the least possible intervention, combining technique and intuition, and only work with local varieties and those that are best adapted to the land.

Arranged guided tours for individuals and groups.

For lunch:
Can Piñana (Ampolla, Tarragona)

Joan Piñana Roig, soul and founder of the restaurant, together with his wife Conxa, his son Joan and his daughter-in-law Mari, opened the doors of Can Piñana in 1964. With a past dedicated to the fishing sector, they started working with a type of traditional seafood cuisine, where the main dishes are fish, seafood and rice from the Delta del Ebre.

Conxa and Juan Piñana, are the third generation of this family-style restaurant, which offers a menu based on local products.

Mari Comí heads the restaurant’s kitchen mainly based on the best seafood products, bought directly from the fish market: sole, turbot, monkfish, lobster, prepare seafood rice, black rice, caldós rice...Traditional and seafood cuisine, with surprising touches of innovation, to be enjoyed with privileged views of the port of l’Ampolla.

Tel: 977 46 00 33

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