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Wine route in Costers del Segre

In the morning

Talarn (Lleida)

The origin of Castell d'Encús is thanks to research by oenologist Raül Bobet who in 2001 was looking for terrain that would reduce the effects of climate change on vineyards. What he found was this estate, between 850 and 1000 metres above sea level, with good sunlight, surrounded by woods, next to a hermitage dating back to the 12th century.

The estate has 23 hectares of relatively poor soil but with good drainage properties that, together with the continental climate, allows the production of high quality organic wines. The grape harvest is carried out by hand and the resulting wine is fermented in a variety of materials, from wood to stainless steel to stone. The estate produces a limited run of bottles that include the white wines TALEIA, EKAM, MAJJAN and SO2, and the reds THALARN, ACUSP and QUEST. There is also a sweet wine, EKAM ESSENCIA and the sparkling wine TAÏKA.

Tel.973 252 974

For lunch



Salàs de Pallars (Lleida)

The restaurant is located inside L'hostal Bertran, an obligatory visit thanks to the exquisite cuisine in which homemade canalons and stuffed aubergines are specialities of the house. Another recommendation is the stewed pig's trotters served in a herb sauce. Lunch can be topped off with a visit to the medieval town.

Tel.973 676 100

In the afternoon



Llimiana (Lleida)

Celler Mas Garcia Muret is part of a family estate founded by Dr. José Luís García Ubis near the Terradets reservoir. What began as a hobby, over time became a business, with 70 hectares of vineyard planted with 19 varieties of grapes

The grape harvest is carried out manually, although modern techniques are also used to produce the red wines Unua, Muriac, Mas Garcia Muret, and the rosé wine Colomina.

Tel.973 651 748

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