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Cooperativa Falset-Marçà
Falset (Tarragona)

This cooperative was founded in 1912 and has more than 350 members, mostly made up of small farming families that have cultivated the land in the Priorat area for generations. Mostly featuring the garnatxa, samsó and sirà varieties, the winemaking process manages to preserve the intensity of the soil and the characteristics of the unique Priorat microclimate. The cooperative's main objective is quality, and each bottle represents the care taken in its production. The company produces more than 750,000 bottles every year, much of which is exported to 30 countries.

The firm's headquarters is a modernist building designed by the architect César Martinell (1919). One of the complementary activities offered to the visitor are dramatic visits, in which the fictional character of Blai receives visitors and shows them around the firm's facilities. Using actors is an original and light-hearted way of explaining the winemaking process to visitors while allowing them to learn more about the full range of the cooperative's products, which includes wines, vermouth and vi ranci.

Tel.699 946 633

For lunch

Hotel Hostal Sport



In 1923, the great grandmother of Marta Domènech, manager of the Hotel Hostal Sport, began serving food and the family has not stopped since. The restaurant serves authentic Priorat dishes, which until recently were overseen by the experienced chef Juan Diego Sánchez Luna. Under Sànchez Luna's direction, the Hotel Hostal Sport restaurant is now one of Priorat's leading eateries.

Dishes are mostly traditional, such as mandonguilles amb carxofa, peus de porc, pollastre camperol al vi del Priorat. The wine list includes more than 230, mostly local wines. The Sport's bar, where everything began, still serves traditional esmorzars de forquilla.

Tel. 977 830 078

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