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Traditional dishes from fish to pastries

During May all around Catalonia there are food festivals celebrating plenty of old favourites including Begur rockfish and suquet from Roses to Pal's arrós and the best of Tàrrega's pastries

All May. Rockfish in Begur

From April 18 until June 7, Begur has the Campanya Gastronòmica del Peix de Roca, an emblematic local product. The town's participating restaurants offer a variety of rockfish dishes. There are also activities during the campaign, such as a film night and a cookery contest.

Begur .

All May. Pals' rice festival

The product most associated with Pals in Baix Empordà is rice. May is the month the town celebrates its local delicacy. This year is the 22nd edition of the gastronomy festival. As every year, visitors have the chance to try a huge variety of dishes, all made with the local rice.

Pals .

May 16 & 17. Tàrrega's Firacóc

The pastry dish known as cóc is one of the best known products in the Urgell capital. In May, the town holds its Firacóc, providing the opportunity to try the best varieties the local cake shops have to offer. The fair also includes a wide range of other local pastry products.

Tàrrega .

May 4-17. Tàrraco a Taula

Food based on original Roman dishes is the star of the gastronomic campaign, Tàrraco a Taula, which is held in the Tarragonès capital to coincide with the Festival Romà TarracoViva. Visitors can go back in time and try for themselves what was popular among the Romans.

Tarragona .

May 8-31. Gastrotour in Salou

In May, Salou's restaurants, bars, cake shops and ice cream parlours offer visitors the chance to try their products at affordable prices as part of the Gastrotour, an annual promotion event sponsored by the town council and the Associació de Comerciants i Empresaris.

Salou .

All May. Suquet in Roses

Roses is no stranger to fish dishes, with the fish soup suquet de peix at the top of the list. In May, the town's restaurants offer the soup, traditionally made by local fishermen. Nowadays, chefs have updated and improved on the recipes, which can be tried all month.

Roses .

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