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A carnival favourite

Botifarra d'ou is a must in the run-up to Lent

Coinciding with the carnival festivities, and as a final blowout before the onset of Lent, food plays a particularly leading role with the celebration of Fat Thursday (Dijous Llarder or dijous gras). And the undeniable protagonist of the festival is the egg sausage known in Catalan as botifarra d'ou.

The festival of Dijous Llarder has been associated with carnival since the 17th century, when communities would feast in the run-up to the period of abstinence represented by the religious period of Lent. Botifarra d'ou, the pale horseshoe-shaped sausage tied at both ends and which is characterised by its delicate flavour, is made in a similar manner to botifarra blanca, although it has yellow hue and a more granulated texture. It is made with pork, cansalada bacon, egg, salt and black pepper.

Botifarra omelette

However, over the years traditions have continued to change and while at the beginning botifarra d'ou was eaten by itself, it has since become the main ingredient in another dish associated with Fat Thursday in Catalonia: botifarra d'ou omelette. The origin of this dish is lost to time, but for decades at least the omelette has been considered a must when celebrating the festival.

Nevertheless, botifarra d'ou is not only available at carnival time and can be bought all year round. It is easily found in delicatessens and butchers all over the country, but especially during carnival which this year is in the first week of February.

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