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The makers of our day

March is a time of 'Awakening'. The very word rolls mellifluously off the tongue. Dry February with all its lack of rain still produced vegetable gardens full of potatoes, carrots, leeks, cabbage and spinach. The poet Sara Coleridge wrote in the 1830s for her children, “March brings breezes loud and shrill,' but she ended ' stirs the dancing daffodil!”

March continues the never-ending cycle of balance and beauty in nature. In a sense, nature's awakening never stops, in animal, fruit, flower and tree. Grass planted now will be awakened and ready for mowing in June.

All these 'random thoughts' started me inquiring about us. Every morning we wake as the light creeps in through the bedroom window, or the alarm buzzes us out of sleep. In that split second of 'coming to' how do we feel? Neutral? Sad, because yesterday we quarreled with our best friend? Happy? Our lottery ticket announced a small return? Angry? The cat jumped on the bed during the night and we couldn't get to sleep afterwards?

Our morning-awakening can influence the start of the day, may form the basis through breakfast, work, home-coming for lunch, right up to the evening hours. Who or what tells us to remember yesterday? Us, of course. We are the makers of our day, our week, our month . . . We choose how to feel –to jump light-heartedly out of bed, or turn over, resentfully, longing for the arms of Morpheus to wrap themselves around us. Here's to our awakening with no thought of yesterday, living, getting up in the blessed Now-Moment!

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