JOAN VALL CLARA. General manager of El Punt Avui Group

A worthwhile journey

Catalonia Today, in conjunction with El Punt Avui and El Punt Avui TV, enters a new ambitious phase of life on November 10. Until now, Catalonia Today has produced a monthly magazine and a weekly article...

Lluís Romero
Long-term resident

Dancing out in space

Last month the Catalan president signed a law which allows Catalan citizens to be consulted about whatever a majority of them deems consultable. This law is no magician's rabbit: the power to implement...


Whatever happens, keep the dignity

Goodness knows what the headlines will be declaring by the time you are reading this, but Spain's constitutional court did what everyone expected it would. Yes, we knew, of course we did. But in the days...

Lluís Romero

A homage to Girona

I've realised I must follow my last column praising the Catalan capital with a homage to what was my home for the past ten years, the wonderful Medieval city of Girona. The label “city” feels misleading,...

Barcelona's Victor Tomas takes a shot in a Champions League game in Germany. /  Arxiva

How to handle success

One way of interpreting FC Barcelona's slogan of “more than a club” is to see the great Catalan institution as a representative of the nation. However, Barça is also more than just a club in the sense...

random thoughts. terry parris. gallery

Pushed around for the first time

Have you ever been in a wheelchair? I have. For the first time. Just now. It was so exhilarating! Pushed sturdily by my grandson, we bumped and shuddered over the rough road of the drive, then, puffing...

Language learning is an adventure accessible to everyone.  Q. PUIG
focus on english. emma doorish

A lesson about learning languages

My first class as a TEFL teacher felt very much like my first day at school. I felt nervous and scared. I opened my classroom to squeals, laughter, one little girl was crying, another little boy was under...

Surfer in Sydney harbour with the city skyline behind.  AP
Tribune. brett hetherington

When government becomes sport

I don't often think about Australia. I was born there, grew up there and, until 15 years ago, I lived there. It's almost become a (very) foreign country to me but recently it has crept into my thoughts...

The Class puts the focus on children and their learning of English  Arxiva

Welcome to 'The Class'

One of the initiatives in El PuntAvui TV's ambitious “English hour” puts the focus on children and their learning of English. If the programme aims at providing an English-learning environment for...

Silvia playing for UMMC Ekaterinburg in her characteristic number 6 jersey. /  Arxiva

Three European titles in three years with three clubs

Imagine the scene. You are sitting in a pub with your friends, taking part in the weekly quiz. Your team is one right answer away from victory. The quiz announcer clears his throat and reads out the following...