“Mahatma Gandhi a martyr to assassin’s bullets”

Occasionally, the human race produces truly exceptional persons of unique qualities. Gandhi is without any doubt one of them. Behind an apparently frail and simple physical appearance hid a towering personality...

Hard to swallow

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, analyses the situation at Catalonia’s leading clubs as the season draws to a close

Brain and brawn

TV series The British writer Lee Child has published more than forty novels and short stories starring Jack Reacher, a huge former US military police officer with a very peculiar code of conduct, who...

A deep Picasso

The artist’s museum in Barcelona shows off the results of a scientific investigation in collaboration with other institutions that has uncovered ‘picassos’ hidden in four recycled canvases from his blue period


Catalonia has a thousand-year history as a European nation. Despite being a relatively small country throughout its long history it has made remarkable breakthroughs beyond having had the first parliament,...