Independence bloc would win a new election, says poll

The pro-independence Esquerra party (ERC) would get the most seats in the Catalan parliament if there were a new election, according to a poll by the Centre for Opinion Studies (CEO). The poll says that...

Far-right funding scandal

German far-right party, Alternative for Germany, is the subject of an investigation by the financial commission of the German parliament


Insults or Freedom of Speech?

Debate in the Catalan chamber has been heating up in the past weeks, and testing the limits of norms and rules set out to ensure the freedom of speech but prohibit personal insult. Terms such as “racist”,...

Five hundred Masterclasses in ten seasons

Tomorrow’s match will represent the five hundreth match Sergio Busquets plays for Barcelona, in ten and half seasons. His first fixture for the squad was on the 13th of September, 2008, and within only...


“Consistent with the impact of a rubber bullet”

“The lesions are the consequence of a trauma to the right eyeball, which establishes a link with the weapon in the victim’s testimony. The injuries are consistent with a high-speed impact from a rubber...