Macba makes a call to the barricades

Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art hosts work by Brazilian artist Cinthia Marcelle that aims to “disorganise the hierarchies and binary oppositions that pattern our daily interactions”

The other Babel of the arts

Collioure (Cotlliure in Catalan) on the Mediterranean coast of French Catalonia is known for its phallic belltower, for Charles Naudin’s exotic garden of palms and coconut trees, for the final resting...

Pyrenees to suffer most from climate emergency

Report states increase in temperature will be more noticeable in mountains; glaciers may have only a few decades left

The warming of the Arctic

Over the last 40 years, warming has occurred four times faster in the Arctic than in the rest of the world, according to a recent study by a team of Norwegian and Finnish scientists, with northern European...

Germany also afflicted

If there is one image in Germany that brings together the effects of the two major global crises – climate change and the energy crisis – it is that of the Rhine river. Kaub, one of the most beautiful...

France suffering “historic drought”

A lack of rain combined with very high temperatures has resulted in a record lack of moisture in the French subsoil, with new lows being recorded daily since July, affecting all of the country’s regions,...

Europe and the “new climate normal”

Europe has suffered one of the worst heat waves in its history this summer. An unusual persistence – in some places – of extreme temperatures that, combined with the lack of rain, has led to droughts...

The diseases caused by climate change

Experts warn that without a remedy the current sporadic cases may become a public health problem; the government issues assurances that prevention and coordination between surveillance networks have been strengthened

“It may be that in these first weeks there is a lack of preparation and coordination”

We spoke to Jordi Giménez, vice-president of the Federation of Associations of Fathers and Mothers of Secondary School Students of Catalonia, FAPAES, and its representative in the Catalan School Council...

Torrid term

The start of the new school year was saved after the Catalan education department made an offer regarding paid extra hours that led unions to call off their planned protests. However, the long-lasting conflict is far from resolved