Seventies fever returns

Metallic tones and flares bring back memories of the film, Saturday Night Fever

School timetables discriminatory

Current schedules cause inequality among families with different resources

Bringing meal times forward is a key aim of the Reforma Horària initiative.  LL. SERRAT / ARCHIVE

Time for a change

Timetables in Catalonia are out of line with Europe causing stress and reducing performance and productivity

November 9 (pictured) began an intense period of voting that includes local and parliamentary elections. /  ALBERT SALAMÉ

Election frenzy

It is an exceptional year for politics in Catalonia with local elections and party assemblies in the lead-up to 27-S


Generation in exile

The economic crisis, labour reform and a lack of skilled work is forcing many young Catalans to seek work abroad

Frontispiece of the US Constitution with the words, “We, the people”.

We the people

Constitute provides precise and up-to-date access to constitutions from around the world

Leopoldo Pomés at the opening of the exhibition of his work in la Pedrera.
Montse Frisach. Journalist

Sensuality and commitment A labour of love

A new exhibition in La Pedrera traces the life's work of Catalan photographer and publicist Leopoldo Pomés

La profanació de l'hòstia, also by Dalí.

Meeting of minds

A new exhibition focuses on two of the 20th century's artistic geniuses, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí

Left: Artur Mas votes on 9-N in front of journalists from all over the world. Right: independence demonstrators with signs in English. /  J. LOSADA/REUTERS

Beyond our borders

Catalonia has gone from almost no international press coverage to an issue of interest due to the process

Sita Murt's 2015 collection was a homage to her role in the industry.  JOSEP LOSADA

080, license to thrill

In its eighth year, Barcelona's fashion week presents an entire industry to the world. The globally recognised event is the product of Catalonia's rich mercantile heritage.