Aromatic, tasty and cool

A new generation is rediscovering the pleasures of vermouth as the ritual of the aperitif has become fashionable

A group of young Honduran women meet every Saturday to do CPNL Catalan classes in El Sortidor civic centre in Barcelona.  J.M. RAMOS

A timely warning for all Catalan speakers Catalan losing migrants

Number of newcomers studying Catalan falls by 44% in past five year with only 4.2% habitually using the language

A global album

The world's largest online photo archive, Instagram is the subject of a new book that is an overview of the creativity and to be found in everyday life

The big-format show Compra'm, by Insectròpics will open the 35th edition of Fira de Tàrrega on September 10.  EL PUNT AVUI

Tàrrega takes to the streets

The Lleida town's annual street theatre festival takes place in the second weekend of September with an accent on raising the international profile of local acts and artists

A view of a film shoot in Tarragona's Roman amphitheatre.  ARCHIVE / TJERK VAN DER MEULEN

Tarragona shoots up in rank

Tarragona has recently created a commission with the aim of making the work of the local Film Office easier in order to boost the shooting of international audio visual projects in the city

Santa Pau fills with visitors every year for the Fira del Fesol bean festival. A. VILAR

A land of volcanoes and woods out of a fairy tale

A round trip through the picturesque surroundings of La Garrotxa which boasts four well-preserved volcanoes and the magical beech woods of Fageda d'en Jordà

Shooting of the film El Cafè de la Marina on Castell beach. TV3

A stroll along the coastline

The coastal paths from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to S'Agaró or from Calella to Tamariu follow the seafront and allow visitors to enjoy the unique characteristics of the Costa Brava landscape

The Alella Vinícola wine producing cooperative and the Sant Feliu church.

In millennial Maresme

The coastal town of Alella combines a thousand-year tradition of winemaking with architectural highlights from the ancient, Romanesque, Baroque and Modernist periods

The castle of de Montsonís, the Sant Oïsme tower and Formós castle in Balaguer can be visited all year round.

A land of towers and castles

The county of Noguera in Lleida was on the front line in the conflicts of Christians against Moors, which can still be seen today in the large number of castles to be found in the area

Antoni Gaudi's hometown of Reus

A centre of Modernism

Architect Antoni Gaudí's hometown of Reus has a museum devoted to the local genius and boasts a wealth of Modernist buildings designed by the likes of Domènech i Montaner