The English Hour Team, From top left: Nicole Millar, Neil Stokes, Roser Mas and Barney Griffiths; first row Marcela Topor, Matthew Tree. JUANMA RAMOS

Putting English first

On November 10, Catalonia Today launched three new projects with El Punt Avui to provide original English content on television, in the newspapaper and on the Internet

Toni Garrn and Andrés Velencos on Mango's runway.  EFE

Let there be light

Catalan chic this month takes a look at how fashion evolved from the time of the dictatorship until the present


Catalan chic

Catalonia Today this month begins a new series of articles that examines the past, present and future of the fashion industry in Catalonia

The castle covers an area of 550,000 square metres.

Exploring the Bourbon legacy

Three hundred years ago Bourbon troops took Barcelona beginning a repression that changed the city

Photo: Frank Kovalchek

Big in Anchorage

Can you recommend a place to have lunch with friends?–If you love meat, you must go to Club Paris. It has been on Anchorage's dining scene since 1957, before Alaska had even gained its statehood, and...

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