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ECB reduces Eurozone growth predictions

The European Central Bank stimulus programme brought into being during the economic crisis will come to an end next month. In a meeting of the governing council, President Mario Draghi announced there...

A tale to justify intervention

European union

Sájarov prize for imprisoned Ukrainian director


Josep Bou: the PP’s candidate for mayor

The president of Entrepreneurs of Catalonia, Josep Bou, is to be the PP’s mayor candidate for Barcelona. He claims to want to stop the city from falling “into the service of separatism”. He is to...


Canadian arrested in China after Huawei case

The Vice President of the Huawei telecommunications giant, Meng Wanzhou, made bail in Canada, now she awaits the United States’ formal extradition request. Nevertheless China confirmed yesterday that...


Open Arms condemns criminalization

The prosecutor’s office of Ragusa confirmed the accusations against Proactiva Open Arms, yesterday accusing it of promoting illegal immigration and helping 216 people to enter Italy. The NGO says that...


Slovenian president criticises Spain’s ignorance

Spain’s descriptions of the “Slovenian way” as violent did not go down well in Slovenia. The president, Milan Kucan, believes that their “peaceful exercise of the right to self-determination”...

Staff and patients protest at Móra d’Ebre Hospital


Pioneering operation on pancreatic cancer

A team of surgeons from Vall d’Hebron Hospital has operated on patients with locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma - one of the cancers with the worst prognosis and which until now could not be...

Two records on first day of World Championships

The Hangzhou short-range World Championships in China got off to a good start with two world records broken on the first day of competition. The first was by the Japanese swimmer Daiya Seto, who won the...