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PSOE moves to ban Franco idolatry in public

Yesterday, the Spanish government took further steps with regards to the exhumation and subsequent reburial of the remains of Francisco Franco, to ensure that “the remains of a dictator will not be allowed...

Focus on Energy Poverty

Town councils and non-governmental energy stakeholders urge government to write-off energy debts of most vulnerable citizens


Michael Moore goes after Donald Trump

Controversial American documentary maker Michael Moore, winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2004, for his film Fahrenheit 9/11, is back in the spotlight with his new film, Fahrenheit 11/9. The date...

Injuries plague Barça as Coutinho injured

Whilst FC Barcelona awaits the return of Leo Messi, they are now faced with an injury to Philippe Coutinho, who has a small rupture in the biceps femoris of his left leg. Team doctors have confirmed he...

united states

Twelve dead in California music festival shooting

Sixty kilometres from Los Angeles,at the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, an ex-marine killed 11 people, who were enjoying a country music festival which traditionally attracts university students, last...

Mortgagors to pay less

Mortgage holders to pay 260m less per year in Catalonia, where 70,000 mortgages are registered per year

Stamp duty is 8.7% of banks’ profits over 9 months

Catalan women’s roller hockey teams go for EU Cup

The Catalan roller hockey teams Manlleu, Voltregà and Generali Palau will all play on Saturday in the European women’s league. Their aim? To reach the quarter finals and battle for the winning spot....


5-Day Strike called by Catalan doctors’ union

Primary care doctors will be striking from November 26 to 30. The Catalan doctors union called this strike yesterday due to the “extremely critical” situation of these healthcare workers. Among other...


Hodeida battle escalates humanitarian crisis

The battle for the port city Hodeida in Yemen has intensified, with frequent bombings by government forces supported by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Air raids and the ground attack on the outskirts...


Is space object Oumuamua: an alien probe?

A mysterious cigar-shaped object the size of a football field that crossed the Solar System in October 2017 could be a spaceship sent to investigate the Earth, according to two scientists from the Harvard...