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Manel Marcè

Artisan cheesemaker

Manel Marcè is the grandson of the last nomadic shepherd in a family that for over six generations herded the now endangered ripollesa breed of sheep. Manel decided to begin to milk the sheep (the breed produces only half a litre of milk per day) to culture natural recuit, rennet cheese, various styles of cottage cheese, set cheese and yoghurt, all proudly bearing the brand of Mas Marcè organic products. Recently the company celebrated 11 years of fine cheesemaking.

In 2009, the company bought out Làctics Peralada, and implemented organic production with another breed of sheep (Lacaune), which produces up to two litres a day more milk, so that they could increase their production. Each brand uses different production systems and has its own products. The two brands –Mas Marcè and Ecolàctics Peralada– follow the same philosophy in producing organic kefir, yoghurt, cheese and milk from their own sheep.

Their natural cheeses, yoghurts and other lactic products can be found in shops in Girona, Banyoles, Figueres and Olot, and are bought directly from the producers. All of the products come from sheep grazing in their own pastures.

1- Overalls, always worn by Manel Marcè when making the products.

2- Pasteuriser, to eliminate germs.

3- Cheese moulds.

4- Culture vat, used to transform the sheep's milk into curd.

5- Sheep's wool, the previously cleaned wool insulates the cheese allowing it to become moist and develop flavour.

6- Kefir, made with organic milk from Ecolàctics Peralada sheep.

7- Strainer and cheesecloth, used to make cheese curd and fresh cheese.

8- Rennet thistle, to make natural cultures. All Marcè and Ecolàctics Peralada products are organic and made with sheep's milk taken from sheep grazed on their own pastures.

9- Mortar, used to extract the enzyme from cardoon.

10- Salted cheese, using seawater from Cap de Creus.

11- Organic recuits from Ecolàctics Peralada.

12- Product labels.

13- Glass jars and bottles used for yoghurt and other lactic products by Ecolàctics Peralada.

14- Yoghurt, ready to be sent to the sellers.

15- Yoghurt with jam, from Peralada.


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