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The next in our series of interviews with ECClub members and subscribers

How long have you been learning English, and why?
I began when I was a teenager, as a summer activity, and later as an after-school activity. Later, I studied at the British Institute in Barcelona. Some years later, as a self-taught person, I prepared for the exams organised by the Catalan government to become a sworn translator. I have always been interested in foreign languages.
How do you practise your English?
I like doing what I can on my own to improve and keep my English alive, for instance, attending the ECClub meetings. I also read and listen to any piece in English within reach (papers, TV, CDs, Internet…).
Do you use English in your personal or work life?
I love travelling, so I get the chance to practice English when I visit other countries. And I use the language as a translator.
Do you interact in English on social media or the Internet?
Not much, really. I use mainly Twitter and sometimes WhatsApp to contact some English friends.
How about TV and cinema, do you watch original version programmes and films?
Yes, sometimes I watch some programmes on English-speaking TV channels, mainly the news. And, as often as I can, I watch the English Hour on El Punt Avui TV. And I listen to the magazine’s podcast, I like to hear the authors’ real voices.
What English Hour programmes have you seen?
I’ve seen all of them, but I usually watch Catalan Connections and Our Finest Hour. If I can't see them live, I try to watch later on Internet.
How and when did you first learn about Catalonia Today?
I saw the information in a newspaper the very first day and at once I was interested in becoming a member.
What do you like most about the magazine?
It’s a melting pot of interesting subjects, ranging from the very latest matters to what we could refer to as general interest. And I also like to read the opinion articles by the regular contributors to the magazine.
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