Galeria K opens with a Víctor Ramírez exhibition

An exhibition of the work of the veteran Chilean artist Víctor Ramírez inaugurates Galeria K, located in Barcelona’s new artistic hub around the CaixaForum building. It is on Mèxic street, which is already home to Ferran Adrià’s elBulliLab, along with the Carles Taché Gallery, and the Espai Serrahima (where the K Gallery is housed).

Ramirez has been living in Catalonia for years. He arrived under the auspices of a university exchange, but was really fleeing Pinochet’s dictatorship. In Chile he had been imprisoned in a concentration camp as a student who opposed the dictatorship (which was the result of a coup d’etat).

His exhibition is entitled Entre empremtes i traces, (between footprints and traces) it’s on until December 8 in Barcelona at Galeria K, 11 Mèxic street. For those who still believe that abstract art is just an aesthetic game, this artist shows that non representative art hides highways of meaning. Of course, you have to find them, and they are not always that easy to decode.

A range of references to poetry and art itself, among other things, layer Ramírez’s work. “These references, which overlap each other, are an allusion to the passage of time, which is one of the reflections in this exhibition” explains the artist.

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