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Wine route through the Massís del Garraf

In the morning:

Cuscó Berga (Avinyonet del Penedès)

The Cuscó Berga winery is located at the entrance of the Garraf Natural Park and is built on the natural limestone of the Garraf Massif. Since the end of the 19th century, the Cuscó i Esteve family have been using traditional techniques and following organic practices on their 40-hectare estate to produce their own wines and cavas, which stand out for their exceptional quality.

Cuscó Berga as it is today began in 1985, when Josep Cuscó Berga and his sons built the current winery. It is a winery of modern design with exceptional facilities, and located in the small village of Les Gunyoles in Avinyonet del Penedès, in the eastern part of the Penedès region. It is an environment that offers one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Garraf natural park.

Cuscó Berga’s top quality cavas and red, rosé and white wines are characteristically balanced and structured wines that have received both national and international awards and recognition.

For those curious to learn more about the world of wine and cava, Cuscó Berga offers a visit to the facilities to discover the secrets of the wines, which are among the most unique in the Penedès region. It is the protagonists themselves who tell their story, surprising the visitor with the spectacular views from a viewpoint built in the new part of the winery. An experience that is hard to forget.

Arranged visits, for individuals and groups.

Tel: 93 897 01 64

For lunch:
Restaurant Cantallops (Cantallops)

This restaurant located at the foot of the road in the old historic centre of the town is in a building from the beginning of the 20th century. Well located for those who are passing through the Garraf area, the restaurant is comfortable, spacious and bright, with good ventilation. It is also unpretentious, serving well prepared Catalan cuisine, with all dishes featuring impeccable presentation.

Highlights include some of the best potato omelette you’ll ever eat, various grilled meats, duck confit, pig’s trotters, fideuà noodles and cod with sauce, as well as traditional Catalan tomato toast to go with everything.

The service is fast, attentive and very friendly. Both the weekend and weekday menus are reasonably priced for most budgets. In short, a great family restaurant where you are sure to feel at home.

Tel: 938 97 01 85

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